What to install after the format, what to install on a new computer

Re-installed system – what next? After reinstallation, we lose all programs and drivers, without which you can not use the computer. Thanks to our summary, you will quickly restore Windows to full, basic efficiency.

In a situation where the Windows operating system refuses to obey us, we will have nothing to do but reinstall it. For more experienced computer users, the reinstallation process is not difficult, although for less knowledgeable people it is a real challenge. It is with them in mind that we decided to gather in one statement all the most useful programs that we should download after reinstalling the operating system. Thanks to them, we will not only restore Microsoft Windows to full efficiency by downloading and installing missing drivers, but also ensure very effective anti-virus protection and access to programs enabling immediate return to work or internet browsing. And we will achieve all this without spending any money.

avast! Free Antivirus – provides effective anti-virus protection for free

After reinstalling the Windows operating system, we should first protect your computer against malware. To ensure proper security on the Internet, in a newly installed work environment, we should download a fully free antivirus program, which is avast! Free Antivirus. Proven by millions of users around the world, the anti-virus provides real-time effective protection against viruses, Trojans, advertising components, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, and other types of malware.

Download avast! Free Antivirus

Driver Booster Free – the best program for downloading and installing new drivers

After ensuring effective anti-virus protection, it is time to download and install both new and missing drivers for your computer components and external devices connected to our PC. Manually searching for drivers will take us a lot of time, which means that it is better to turn yourself in the hands of a real expert on these matters, who will carry out the whole procedure for us. Of course I am talking about the IObit Driver Booster Free program. The application streamlines the process of searching and downloading new versions of drivers for components and external devices. Its entire operation is based on an internal driver database maintained by the program’s producer, in which there are over three million items with Microsoft WHQL certification. When new versions of drivers for your equipment are detected, the program will install them for us. Driver Booster Free has also been equipped with a mechanism to optimize drivers to obtain the highest performance in PC games.

Download IObit Driver Booster Free

CCleaner – effective cleaning of the computer in the initial phase of bringing the PC back to working condition

Before you start installing the programs we need, it is worth stopping for a moment and cleaning the hard disk of previously downloaded items and fixing errors in the Windows registry. For this purpose, it is best to download the wildly popular CCleaner for free. With its help, we will quickly and easily delete temporary installation files created by the operating system and driver installation packages, as well as eliminate invalid entries in the Windows registry. After carrying out the activities, we recommend that you keep CCleaner in your work environment, because it contains additional useful tools and modules. Among them we will find mechanisms that allow, among others, to blur traces of our activity in web browsers, search and remove duplicate files from the hard disk, and manage the list of programs run together with the operating system (so-called autostart).

Download CCleaner

Defraggler – will quickly improve and increase the performance of HDD and SSD

Before we start to download and install various types of utility programs, it would be good to ensure the performance of our storage. To this end, we should reach for the proven Defraggler. This very popular HDD and SSD hard disk defragmentation program is highly effective. After defragmentation, storage performance will improve significantly. Defraggler offers the ability to perform fast and in-depth (though slow) defragmentation of the data storage medium. The program also allows you to check the performance of the hard disk installed in our computer.

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Download Defraggler

Chrome – the web browser most frequently chosen by users

Using a built-in default web browser in the Windows operating system for a large number of Polish and foreign users is not an option. They get white fever at the very thought, which is why they decide on a replacement. Most often this choice falls on Google Chrome, which is not surprising, because the mentioned web browser provides a better level of security. In addition, we can count on access to practical functions that improve the comfort of surfing the internet. Google Chrome has a multi-functional address bar, has the ability to run a speed dial page, open sites on tabs, and load web pages in privacy mode. If the basic functionality of Chrome is not enough for us, you can quickly expand it with new capabilities using plugins.

Download Google Chrome

Opera GX – a web browser created for avid gamers

Although the web browser we mentioned earlier is very efficient in itself, but avid computer players should reach for a completely new solution, namely Opera GX. It contains unique features that will help you make the most of your PC’s power in online games. The special version of the Norwegian browser includes the innovative GX Control module, thanks to which we will determine the maximum processing power of the processor and the amount of memory to be used by Opera GX. Thanks to this, you won’t have to close it while playing games in games that require a lot of system resources. Opera GX is also equipped with integration with the Twitch social gaming platform, so you won’t miss any live broadcasts.

Download Opera GX

Total Commander – a two-panel file manager that you can’t do without

Sooner or later we will have to bring order to the data stored on the hard disk. The built-in component called File Explorer is not particularly suitable for serious storage management. The best solution will be to use a very popular and valued worldwide by users two-panel manager providing a comfortable environment for managing files and directories on the hard disk and other drives connected to the computer. Of course, I’m talking about Total Commander. The application is perfect for copying, archiving, searching and deleting data. Built-in client enables the use of FTP servers. In addition, Total Commander has support for transferring files via a special USB cable between two computers, as well as the ability to verify CRC checksums and compare file contents.

Download Total Commander

WinRAR – the best program for packaging and unpacking files

Among the programs for packaging and unpacking files, there can be only one leader – WinRAR. Constantly developed since 1993, the data archiver has won the hearts of many PC users around the world thanks to its proprietary packaging algorithm with a high compression ratio – RAR5. In addition to its own RAR format, the WinRAR application supports the extremely popular ZIP format and allows unpacking files from the ARJ, CAB, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZ, UZ, BZ2, JAR and ISO archives and from the increasingly popular 7z format. In addition, the program allows you to test archives for the presence of possible errors, and if they are detected, it allows you to repair an incorrect archive. Using WinRAR, we will also be able to create self-extracting SFX archives and secure packages with our own password using strong AES-256 encryption.

Download WinRAR

LibreOffice – an extended office suite that will successfully replace Microsoft Office

Certainly, at this point, many users will say “what do I need strictly office tools”. In many cases we have seen, a large group of people forget to install an office suite in their work environment, which causes them to have problems opening the files saved in DOCX, XLSX or PPTX formats. That’s why it’s worth having LibreOffice installed. The free and popular office suite consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, database tool, graphic editor and mathematical formulas. LibreOffice is free for home use as well as when used in government institutions, schools and non-profit organizations. Using the programs included in the LibreOffice office package, we will prepare any letters, multimedia presentations, make calculations, charts or calculate and plan the home budget.

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Download LibreOffice

VLC Media Player – the best program for playing movies

VLC Media Player is an ideal proposition for every cinema lover who likes evening film screenings in front of his computer screen. With its help, we will open movie and music files saved in the most common audiovisual formats without having to install audio-video codecs. In addition, we will also be able to watch movies recorded on DVD-Video and Blu-ray discs and play online audiovisual streams. VLC Media Player also provides access to extensive configuration functions and tools. It allows, among others change playback speed, crop the image, deinterlace and take screenshots.

Download VLC Media Player

foobar2000 – a music player that will meet the high requirements of every music lover

You don’t just live with movies. Each of us has our favorite songs on our computer, with which we can relax or shoot for intensive work in front of the computer, listening to them in the background. The best choice for us will be foobar2000, a free music player offering only the necessary functions, but also does not require a large amount of system resources. foobar2000 allows you to play popular audio file formats (including AAC, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV and WMA) and create and import playlists in FPL, M3U and M3UB formats. This audio player, valued by many users, has also been equipped with an equalizer, the option of editing tags in APEv2, ID3v1 and ID3v2 formats and the ability to both play and rip CD-Audio content.

Download foobar2000

IrfanView – the best digital photo viewer

The newly installed Windows operating system must not lack a graphic file browser. The built-in default component for viewing digital photos has very limited capabilities, and worst of all works very sluggishly. There is no point in bothering with him, but as soon as you download the IrfanView program for free. Not only that browsing holiday memories immortalized in digital photographs will become quick and convenient, we will also get access to practical tools that will allow us to crop photos, change color depth, and apply effects and filters. This free graphic viewer also offers the ability to create slide shows and a batch mode that allows you to process multiple files at once. We can expand IrfanView’s capabilities with new functions using extensions.

Download IrfanView

GIMP – an ideal program for creating graphics and photo retouching

In our list of the most necessary software, just after a fresh reinstallation of the Microsoft Windows operating system, we could not miss the best free program for editing and creating graphics. GIMP is an advanced, open source graphic editor that contains all the elements known from professional tools, such as Adobe Photoshop. We will find here, among others extensive toolbox, filters and graphic effects that will not only improve the appearance of the image, but also diversify the photo (we will be able to improve the brightness, contrast, color, gamma, color saturation and we will be able to change the photo into a sketch or image). The GIMP also has a function that allows us to work on layers and mechanisms to retouch digital photos.

Download GIMP