Spark is a popular e-mail application that has finally landed on Android

Spark is a popular e-mail application that has finally landed on Android

Spark is loved by users of iPhones, iPads and Macs. Now the device has a chance to steal the hearts of Android users as it finally landed on this system.

It is no coincidence that Spark on Android is just now. Google has just closed Inbox, so it’s probably not exaggerating to say that hundreds of thousands of users are looking for an alternative.

A few years ago in similar circumstances, the “Feedly” app appeared on the ruins of the Google Reader. Spark is on his way to take over the Inbox.

Spark is a smart e-mail

One of the main functions is the segregation and prioritization of e-mails. Messages are segregated according to such categories as personal, notifications or newsletters, with this Spark it handles quite well.

Spark also has to send important emails from those less important. The application notifies you of e-mails from your friends’ contacts and displays them in the first place, pushing the less important messages generated by bots to the background.

The main view of the application clearly lists emails with attachments. As in Inbox (and for some time in Gmail), the list of files is visible under the topic.

A built-in search engine makes a very good impression, which not only efficiently searches for messages by key words, senders or attachment types, but works instantly. And in the case of unofficial clients, it is not always so obvious.

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