Error in Windows 10 makes it difficult for testers. Some were discharged from the Insider program

The Windows 10 testers should note if they are still enrolled in the Insider program. As it turns out, the latest system compilation released as part of a quick update ring can cause automatic and unintentional deletion of computers from the list of devices that will receive test updates.

The problem concerns the latest edition of Windows 10 in the 19H1 edition, which is expected to appear on the market already in the spring. Dona Sarkar from Microsoft informed on Twitter about the problem. In a short message, she pointed out that after the installation of the Build 18356 test, some testers might have noticed that they were discharged from the Insider program.

Dona Sakar Twitter
Dona Sakar Twitter

Interestingly, the solution to the problem should be simple: just look at the update settings in the system and reselect the option to receive test builds. Since we do not deal with the Skip Ahead branch in this case, the problem with a limited number of places should not occur.

Testers are now needed
The presence of testers in the Insider program is particularly important at this time. The 19H1 release is already nearing completion and Microsoft is focusing on its refinement before making available to other users in the coming weeks.

This time everything must be pushed to the last button – although functional updates are always associated with occasional problems for some people, the last October update turned out to be full of errors, of which not all of them have been solved until today.

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