This is the first big step towards logging in without passwords – WebAuthn becomes the official standard

Biometric security and hardware keys are becoming more and more common. The vast majority of people unlock their smartphone using a fingerprint or face recognition. A similar authorization method is offered by some applications (such as Revolut). Soon, however, we can experience a real revolution and biometric security and USB keys will allow you to log in to every application and network service.


This will be possible thanks to the establishment of WebAuthn (short for Web Authentication) the official standard by the World Wide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance.

The new standard has already been introduced by popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. All that remains is to wait for websites to adopt an API that allows users to log in using hardware supported by WebAuthn.

Google already allows you to login to your services using hardware keys. However, it requires the purchase of two USB keys (one as a backup) for about $ 45. Thanks to this, instead of entering a password or entering a number from the phone, simply plug the key into the computer’s USB port, or connect it via Bluetooth.

Let’s hope that the largest service providers will soon offer WebAuthn login, and hardware keys will become more common and cheaper.

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