has gained a refreshed search bar

Google regularly modernises the appearance of its services – Material Theme has recently appeared in the mobile Gmail application. Changes, however, often include seemingly trivial elements, but – as you know – the devil is in the details.

In November last year, the first steps were taken to adapt Google to the minimalist theme. Then the appearance of the search results changed – the field for entering information gained rounded corners, and when scrolling down the top bar finally ceased to disappear and users could enter the query without having to return to the top of the page.

google search engine

Despite these aesthetic-functional improvements, Google delayed the “improvement” of the main search page. The company has only achieved this right now and since the beginning of March, all visitors to can enjoy a more modern view.

The square field has been replaced by oval, but minor changes do not end only on this element. When the search area is not active, only the thin gray frame appears to the viewer’s eye, but when clicked on it, the field will sharpen and a small shadow will be exposed, resulting in a light 3D effect.

google search engine

The buttons “Search in Google” and “Happy luck” have been unnoticed – only their corners have been rounded. The same procedure was carried out on the Google Graphics site, where the search field turned into a “pill”.

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