Xiaomi will hit Europe: the company plans to triple the number of official stores

Xiaomi, which has won millions of fans by producing a great device at really attractive prices, is not going to slow down. The Chinese plan to expand into the European market.

Xiaomi stores will be much more

Xiaomi has ambitious plans related to Europe. The company intends to significantly increase the number of its own stores. After opening the first store in Western Europe, which was located in Spain, most likely due to the high popularity of the brand in this country, Xiaomi intends to triple the number of stores.

Wang Xiang, vice president of Xiaomi, said in an interview with CNBC that the company is going to hit Europe harder, especially in the western part. At the end of 2018, almost 50 stores were open. However, according to new guidelines, the Chinese manufacturer intends to have over 150 stores by the end of this year.

The official Xiaomi stores, which are created following the example of the Apple Store, can positively affect the sales of devices. The stores exhibit smartphones, laptops and other Xiaomi products that can often be viewed more closely before purchasing. What’s more, the number of manufacturer’s products displayed is noticeably higher than that of shelves in large electronics stores.

Xiaomi strengthens its market position

According to data showing sales of smartphones in 2018, Xiaomi is the fourth largest producer. The company is ahead of Samsung, Huawei and Apple. However, high rises suggest that Xiaomi may jump to the third position. As I have already mentioned, the opening of the official stores can provide an additional bonus for sale.

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