Google Chrome will prevent websites from detecting that you’re using the Incognito mode

Incognito mode is a very useful feature in the browser from the giant of Moutain View, which is characterized by increased privacy protection. After the session, cookies and other local data are deleted – the same applies to the browsing history. Interestingly, the sites used well-known solutions to determine if we are in the Incognito mode. Google has finally decided to close this possibility.

However, it is worth mentioning which solutions are mentioned. First of all, it is a FileSystem API interface that allows websites to create their own virtual file systems for reading and writing some local data. Google has introduced this mechanism to its browser in 2010 and currently only Opera supports it.

Portals detect our presence in Incognito mode by checking if the mentioned API is turned off – when it turns out that yes, site administrators will have specific data about where and from what percentage of users use this mode when browsing their site. Google in a speech made available to Android Police says that “the best idea is to withdraw from FileSystem and remove this function”.

Thus, if so far some website has been collecting information about our presence in the Incognito mode, then finally the end of this procedure has come to an end.

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