How to enable Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Everyone has had contact with Windows, and the vast majority of these people probably know how hard it is to find some of its settings. One of them can be “Bluetooth”, especially in older versions of Windows 10. We will tell you how to find and run it.

Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect devices and transfer data between them. This standard has been used for many years and is still very popular. Today we can find it in virtually any smartphone, laptop or even some desktop computers.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is one of the basic standards of wireless communication. Most often it is used to connect devices such as wireless headphones, controllers (eg PlayStation, Xbox or PC) and even optical mice or keyboards.

So Bluetooth also appears in devices that use Windows 10. If you rarely use it, you may forget, or just do not know how to run it. Sometimes we can find Bluetooth in the right, hidden part of the taskbar. But if the Bluetooth enabled device itself is turned off, the icon will not appear there.

How do you find Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Depending on the system version, Bluetooth will be in a different place. In the latest version of Windows 10 Pro, we can find it by entering the word “Bluetooth” in the search engine. We find it right next to the Windows logo on the taskbar. We should see “Bluetooth and other devices” among the results. There, just press the slider with the word “Bluetooth”, and communication with it will be possible.

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In the same place you will also find all devices that have already been paired with our computer. Below, we also have a very important function of “sending or receiving files via a Bluetooth connection”. After its launch, we can choose the device and then the files we want to send. Similarly, it works in reverse.

Bluetooth in older versions of Windows 10

In older versions of Windows 10, instead of the word “Bluetooth”, enter “Devices” and open this result. Then go to the “Bluetooth” section and proceed in the same way as in the paragraph above.

Remember to turn Bluetooth off when you no longer use it. Why? It may seem that Bluetooth is a safe solution, but in 2017, a huge gap allowed access to all devices using this communication standard. As long as they had “Bluetooth” turned on.