What is XHV Haven ? First decentralized stable coin

Did you heard about XHV Haven stable coin ? what is it ?

Haven is the first decentralized stable coin, it is based on monero code and has been created by Australian developer.

Haven has been created for the purpose of being first decentralized stable currency, with 100 % anonymity like monero has.

When I’m writing this post XHV mainnet is still not ready, but we can download and test have in testnet mode..to receive free testnet XHV coins we just need to join their discord.

Developers planning to implement few stable coins like USD,EUR .. even we will be able to exchange XHV on to GOLD.

this is how haven gui wallet looks .. 

wallet looks really cool, I have tested xhv, and exchanged some XHV coins on to XUSD..all worked great and fast..

you can download haven wallet from github .

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